Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Call Romania from a PSTN phone using SmartCall

This article shows how to call your family and friends from Romania using SmartCall VoIP provider and a PSTN phone (eg. your landline phone). This method was not yet fully validated and may not work in all situations. Of course the usage of hardware IP Phone or ATA is still the recommended method.

Step 1: Call one of the SIPBroker PSTN access numbers, eg: (630) 405-0745.

Step 2: At voice prompt dial *466 followed immediately by one of these numbers: 5693570 or 5695000

Step 3: Enter your phone card 10 digit number.

If the above dialing sequence seems complicated, you may simplify it by either using a SIP Broker alias or an IPKall personal number as showed in previous article.

See also the other article about how to call Romania from a PSTN phone using TelefonIP.

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