Friday, May 26, 2006

Free incoming local numbers

Until now, thanks to VoIP, it was very cheap to get a second incoming phone number for your private needs. Now this is free. At least two companies offer now free incoming phone numbers. And because the number can be selected from your area code nobody will ever think that the number they have is not your main number but a disposable number created specially to protect your identity and privacy.

Being free services is obvious to have some limitations. All you have to do is to study their websites and see which one fits you better and then you can freely post your phone number on any channel (web site, blog, give it to strangers, etc).

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Read your web site to visitors

After odeo presented in one of previous posts, another company offers the ability to voice enable your web site. This time, the service offered by ReadSpeaker provides you with an HTML code that introduces a button on your web site. Press the button and the entire page (or just the selection) is read back to the web user. No client side plugins or controls are installed. The text is sent to the server where is rendered in audio and after that streamed to the client. If accessibility is an issue for your website, than this service should be an important asset in your web development toolbox.