Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Call Romania from a PSTN phone using TelefonIP

This article shows how to call your family and friends from Romania using TelefonIP VoIP provider and a PSTN phone (eg. your landline phone). Of course the usage of hardware IP Phone or ATA is still the recommended method.

Method 1

Use one of the official listed PSTN access numbers.
While very easy to use, sometime these numbers may not work properly.

Method 2

Use a SIPBroker PSTN access number. For instance, US callers may pick (630) 405-0745. Next use any of the following 2 solutions:

2a) Dial: (630) 405-0745, and after voice prompt type: *011401#
2b) Dial: (630) 405-0745, and after voice prompt type: *7576 0215897373

If you dialed the numbers correctly you should here now the TelefonIP voice prompt asking you for a destination number.

Method 3

Allocate your own US PSTN number using IPKall. If not used this number will expire in one month, but the advantage is that the dialing is simplified.

First open a free account with IPKall, then put the following information:

SIP Proxy: sip.telefonip.org
SIP Phone Number: 0215897373

Please remember to put exactly the above SIP phone number, no matter what’s your telefonip number. In about 1 hour you should receive an email from IPKall with your personal US phone number.

See also the other article about how to call Romania from a PSTN phone using SmartCall.

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Unknown said...

I subscribed to IPKall and received an US 360-xxx-xxxx number. I then configured IPKall to forward to my internetcalls.com account.

The problem now is that everyone I know lives in area code 954 so I need a local number. I managed to solve that using Grand Central (www.grandcentral.com).

They give you a free number in any area code (including 954) si you can forward that number to any phone #s across the US. Plus they have free voice mail and call screening, blocking, custom routing, etc...

I recommend Grand Central even if you're not into SIP.

VMASOFT said...

Grand central is great although they have several issues. It will be nice to see some feature that allows you to forward a call not only to a PSTN number but also to a SIP account or even Skype account.

Marius, does the call quality suffer in any way do to multiple forwarding?

Unknown said...

i did the same Internetcalls acct with IPKall and forwarded from Grand Central, but my problem is when i pick up the lady says Press 1 to take the call, i press 1 and nothing happens, BTW i am using a SIP ATA SPA2102 Box, i ALSO have a talkdigits.com account on this box and it works flawlessly, ( i just cant do outgoing calls on it cuz it costs money while Internetcalls is free 300 mns a week)

email me a solution if you have one please jbooth04 at G Mail.com

Sudipta Das said...

have a newbie and very general question. May not be suited to this
list but i'm sure there are people on here that would know. I am in canada
and i am wondering what is the general procedure for aquiring PSTN numbers
to be used/provisioned for VOIP services? Where does one buy/get regular
phone numbers at wholesale prices??

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Anonymous said...

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