Monday, September 10, 2007

Cell phones for kids

Kids and elderly people are two categories of cell phones users that are not getting too much support from cell phone manufacturers or service providers. Fortunately, for those living in US there are two promising services for kids.

FireFly cellphone

FireFly is a cell phone specially designed for kids. It is supposed to offer kids a way to make emergency calls to 911, their parents or other few persons.
The phone lacks the regular keypad, so the calls are limited only to those people in the predefined list. More than that, parents may setup it is such way that only the calls from the people in the address book will ring the phone.


Kajeet targets bigger kids. Kajeet offer kids modern cell phones with wallpapers, ring tones, games, etc., while the parents enjoy prepaid like benefits.
Parents can define the time schedule when the phone can or can’t be used or decide who can call and who cannot call the kid.

While the above are nice, the most interesting feature is the wallets concept: a wallet for parents and a wallet for the kid. Parents decide whose wallet pays for what calls. For instance parent’s wallet pays when the kid calls them, while kid’s wallet pays when the kid calls his friends. In this way there is no risk that you’ll not be able to contact your kid because he consumed all the credit on text messages with his buddies.

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