Saturday, September 08, 2007

Advertise for free on VMA IT Observer

For a limited time only you have the chance to advertise your products and services for free on VMA IT Observer. Only IT/Communication (software, hardware, VoIP/Skype, IT services, etc.) related advertisements allowed.

Review your product or service

Write yourself a review/ presentation of your product or service. This will be published like a regular post of VMA IT Observer.

Since this is an advertisement, it’s understandable that you’ll be subjective in your review and you’ll highlight your product/service’s features. This is OK with VMA IT Observer as long as the writing appeals to a large number of people.

VMA IT Observer will check each review/presentation before publish and reserves the right to accept or deny posting. From case to case, VMA IT Observer may include a small note in each advertisement post to inform the readers that the post is an advertisement.

Place a free advertisement

You can now place your own advertisement/ banner on VMA IT Observer for free. Only text and image advertisements are allowed. For image advertisements you should take care yourself of image hosting. For image advertisements you may include a link that drives customers to your site.

At this moment advertisements are allowed only on the right side of the page. These may appear only on the first page or on all site pages.

VMA IT Observer must approve advertisements prior to publishing.

If you are interested in this exceptional offer please contact VMA IT Observer by email at vmasoft @ Please mention IT Observer in the email subject.


- VMA IT Observer reserves the right to discontinue at any time this service, or to change publishing rules.
- VMA IT Observer reserves the right to inspect and deny advertisements.
- VMA IT Observer reserves the right to remove at any time, without any notification, published advertisements.
- Each advertiser is responsible of the published content. VMA IT Observer doesn’t endorse any advertisement review, or can be made responsible of published content.
- VMA IT Observer cannot be made responsible of reader’s comments.

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