Monday, April 10, 2006

Send emails from any phone

The young space of online voice recording and publishing services is crowded by companies who try to bring all sorts of audio recording and sharing instruments to web. Although most of these companies address to podcasters, some of them offer features that may seem appealing to other categories of users as well (see my previous post about

Springdoo Phone Service offered by ( ) gives you the ability to send emails even if you are not in front of a computer. Any DTMF phone can be used to send an audio email. Unfortunately the service is not free and I didn’t have the opportunity to test it better but according to company’s site, in order to send an email a user has to do the following steps: upload or add contacts to Springdoo, then to send an email call Springdoo and start talking, pressing # when done, then select a contact using the phone key pad. Springdoo sends your selected contact(s) an email with a link pointing to an audio file hosted on Springdoo site.


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