Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Non-intrusive ways to send messages to T-Mobile users

Send an SMS

You can send short text messages (SMS) to any T-Mobile subscribers using:

  • your cell phone. You may be charged by your provider.
  • by using email to SMS. Read this post for more information.
  • by using T-Mobile’s online tool available at this address.

Send a voice mail

Most people don’t know that you can deliver a voice mail directly to the inbox of the other party, without making the phone ring. The recipient will usually be notified on the screen or through a short beep of any new received voice mail.

To send a voice mail you can use any landline/cell phone:

Step 1. Dial 1-805-MESSAGE. This is the same phone number that you can use to check your voice messages – as explained in this post.

Step 2. Dial the recipient 10 digits T-Mobile cell number

Step 3. At the prompt speak your message and then hang-up.

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