Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tame startup programs using free tools

Any of these three tools can be used for determining what programs automatically launch at startup. All of them are available for free.

Why control startup programs:

  • to decrepify a new computer
  • to make your computer run much more faster
  • to disable spyware and other monitoring application.

Windows’ own Msconfig

This is the most used application due to the fact that comes with Windows. Just type into run dialog msconfig and the application will be started:

Startup Control Panel

Startup Control Panel is a nice tool, simple to use and very small, that can be run standalone or as a control panel applet. It allows you to easily configure which programs run when your computer starts.


AutoRuns has the most comprehensive knowledge of all auto-starting locations of any application or Windows component. Besides the regular Run, RunOnce and other common registry keys, this tools shows also other locations such as browser-helper-objects, Explorer extensions, toolbards, etc.

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