Sunday, August 05, 2007

How to send photos by email

Even with today’s online photo hosting services most people still prefer to send photos by email. If you owning a recent digital camera most probably each of your JPEG photos will take between 2 to 5 MB. It’s easy to see that only a couple of these hi-resolution photos may be big enough to flood and block recipient’s mailbox.

This post will assume that you are using Windows XP with a local email client (Outlook Express).

How to not send photos

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Actually the above method is OK only if you want to send your friends the original hi-resolution version of the photos, or if you are sending already resized photos.

How to easily email hi-resolution photos

Highlight the photos you want to send in Windows Explorer

Click to zoom

Select Send To -> Mail Recipient and choose to resize photos

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Your friends will not get the original version of the photos, but a scaled down version. This is OK in most situations. If one wants to print photos then you can always send the hi-resolution version at a later time.

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