Saturday, August 04, 2007

How to print the date and time on your digital pictures

Most digital cameras can be configured to print the date/time the photo was taken directly on the image. While this was a nice feature on a film camera, it’s actually a bad feature with modern digital cameras. The reason: digital cameras put anyway the date and time plus other information in each digital image metadata (EXIF).

In this way you don’t have ruin precious captures with inappropriate text – you can put the date on the photo just before print using the EXIF information.

Putting the date on big number of photos may be a tedious job if you are using a classic photo editor. Read forward to see how you can automate this job using a small tool.

Step 1. Download EyeBatch software.

Step 2. Select your pictures

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Step 3. From available commands list select Text Watermark and adjust various parameters according to your taste

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Step 4. Select also Save to File command and make sure you specify where to place the output files

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Step 5. Click Process button and wait.

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