Monday, August 13, 2007

Get rid of drive letters clutter

Since digital cameras proliferation, all PC manufacturers started to include media card readers in their new PCs. If this looks like a useful addition to you, you’ll actually discover pretty soon that you don’t use those readers at all. Like this wasn’t enough, even monitors come now with media readers built in.

All these media readers contribute to the drive letters clutter in your computer. The below image was captured from a modern Dell computer.

How to Declutter

To solve this issue, will use the ability of modern Windows OSs to mount drives in folders (instead of assigning letters).

Step 1. Create a folder for each media read you have in your computer / monitor.

Step 2. Right-click on My Computer icon (located on the desktop) and select Manage.

Step 3. Computer Management opens. Locate here Disk Management.

Step 4. Right click on a drive and select Change Drive Letter and Paths...

Step 5. Remove default letter and select one of the folders you created at step 1.

From now on, when you’ll want to access a media-reader you’ll just navigate to the corresponding folder. No more drive letters and/or clutter.

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