Sunday, August 26, 2007

Free desktop toys


Sizer is a free tool that allows resizing any window to an exact size. According to its website, this is useful to web designers (eg. to resize the browser to different sizes) and documentation writers (to capture windows at the same size).

Another usage of Sizer may be window management. Advanced users (especially those with wide screens) may find the regular Tile windows horizontally/vertically commands not power enough. With Sizer you may easily put two web browsers side by side.

You don’t have to install Sizer. Just run the executable and then right click on the systray icon to configure it.

Use the configuration options to create predefined resizing templates that you’ll apply at a later time on any given window.

Depending on the configuration, a system menu option is inserted to facilitate the window resizing and positioning.

While running the software guide you also, with a small tooltip, when you manually adjust a window.

JR Screen Ruler

JR Screen Ruler is other free desktop tool that allows you to measure anything on your screen (eg. graphics on web pages)

Screen ruler can display pixels, inches, centimeters or picas and can be used to measure objects on both horizontal and vertical.

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