Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Embed documents in picture files

You may be interested in embedding documents and information in picture files from lots of reasons, and only your imagination may find all applications.

Step 1. Start with an image, like the one in the following picture

Step 2. Put the picture and documents (archived as a .RAR file) in the same folder

Step 3. Start a command prompt and type the following command

Step 4. Send the new picture file by email, or post it on a web site. It’s very important to NOT process this image further using other software.

Step 5. The recipient should use WinRar software to extract the documents from inside the picture. Any other software will probably see just the image information.

1 comment:

EterniCode said...

Awesome! Not sure if I'll ever have a use for this little trick, but it is awesome :)

A note: I tried this with 7Zip ( http://www.7-zip.org/ ) and its .7z format, and it works just as well! So don't go paying for WinRAR ;)

I also tried using .bz2 and .zip, but they didn't work.