Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Single click sign-on to Intranets company portal

Please read this article ONLY if your company is using Intranets as a company portal. You can figure out if that’s the case by looking at one of the following addresses (replace acmecorp with your company name):

If you recognize any of them then keep reading.

My major complain with my company portal on intranets is that I have to type each time the username and password in order to access the site.

Wouldn’t be nice to place a button on Links toolbar (in IE) and automatically be logged on Intranets?
More than that: wouldn’t be nice that by a single click on a button to be logged in Intranets and a certain page inside to be displayed?

This is possible by implementing the following trick:
  • Copy and paste the following HTML content on a text file on your harddrive.
  • Put a button on Links toolbar to point to this file
  • Edit the HTML file and replace username and password with your intranets credentials and acmecorp with your actual company name.
  • The form action querystring link parameter is the link to an internal intranets application. If you just want to go to home page remove the link parameter.

Click on the image if you want to read the HTML code

Contact me if you want the text of this example sent to you by email.

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