Friday, April 20, 2007

Free software for VMA ITObserver readers

VMA ITObserver is running a campaign of expanding its email subscriber user base. As compensation each subscriber will have access to a unique library of free software, not available anywhere else on Internet.

Subscription is FREE and besides access to this collection of software the readers will also enjoy the convenience of receiving ITObserver posts by email, in nicely formatted emails with NO advertisements. You will receive just an email a day and only in those days when a post is published on VMA ITObserver. No posting – no emails.

Email delivery is powered by FeedBurner, a well known leader of blogging tools industry. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied by this subscription, you can cancel it at any time by a simple click on the link that is automatically inserted at the bottom of each email.

Click here for your free subscription to VMA ITObserver (alternatively you can enter your email address in the appropriate box on the right column), then proceed to download any of the below software.

FREE Microsoft Access Replacement

DBUtils is a freeware application designed both as a replacement of Microsoft Access (for very basic scenarios) and as a complementary tool for software developers and Microsoft Access DB designers. More…

Customizable HDD Search Engine

While searching the web is very common and easy these days... you cannot say the same about searching on local drives. The article proposes an efficient and alternative searching method based on Microsoft Index Server and a custom ASP page. More…

Publish CHM files online

Publish CHM documentation ( Microsoft Compressed HTML Help ) on web using a FREE Http Handler. Once the FREE Http Handler is installed on IIS the CHM documentation will be available to remote clients like a regular web site. More…

Archive your article collection in CHM format

With this software you can make a CHM (Compressed HTML Manual) file out of an entire folder of saved web pages. While a CHM has roughly the same size of a zip file it retains the ability to open the entire archive without requiring prior file extraction or other preparation. More…

Catalog your books collection using

Using this tool you can generate an HTML catalog for your books using information provided by Amazon WS. In general the information for each book will contain a picture of its cover, editor review and customer reviews. More...

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