Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Speed dialing long sequences of numbers from mobile phones

One of the least used features that almost any cell phone has nowadays is the ability to store in one single entry a phone number and a sequence of digits that will be sent as touch tones after the number is dialed.

Look in your phone manual how to enter characters p and w when you dial a phone number. Both characters introduce different types of pauses in a dialing sequence.

Let’s say you want to reach a GizmoProject user from your cell phone using a SipBroker PSTN access number and a simple dialing method. For illustrating this example will take a simple example:

PSTN Access Number: 214-261-9940
SIPBroker SIP Code: *747
SIPPhone Number: 1-747-474-3246 (SIPPhone Echo Test)

All you have to do is to add a new entry in your cell phone agenda with the following number:


The method can be used in the same way to ease dialing of sequences described by this article and this article.

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