Friday, March 02, 2007

Get a local phone number for GizmoProject from GrandCentral

GizmoProject 3.0 was just released a few days ago. Besides the other bells and whistles, the voice features of this release are quite impressive:
  • Free call's to any GizmoProject, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, or Windows Live user.

  • Free voicemail with customizable outgoing message.

  • Free mobile and landline phone calls between you and your friends on your contact list.

  • Free conference calls between mobile phones, landlines, and Gizmo Project users.

  • Call recording.

  • Second login to a 3rd party SIP PBX. You can now log into a 3rd party PBX (like Asterisk) and the Gizmo Project network at the same time.

  • SIP number doubling your GizmoProject user id. With this number you can receive calls from other VoIP networks, you can use your GizmoProject account with a regular SIP phone adapter or you can receive calls with free PSTN Access Numbers.

If the above features alone still don’t convince you to try GizmoProject and SIPPhone then this will surely change your mind:

GrandCentral added recently a feature to ring your GizmoProject SIP number, together with the other PSTN numbers you specify. This is like getting a free local phone number for your GizmoProject or SIPPhone ATA.


Unknown said...

I tried using Grandcentral with Gizmo Project today. I managed to configure my phone (GXP-2000) with Gizmo project and shows my status as online and registered. However, I couldn't get GC to reliably forward my calls.
I got it working a couple of times but then my phone just stopped ringing after a sitting idle for a while. If I reboot then it starts working again but the same thing happens if I check again a few hours later. Also, Area 775 will not work with SIP hardware devices as per Gizmo's FAQs.

Another strange thing is that when the phone rang and I picked up the receiver, the caller would be forwarded to the voice mail system even if voice mail was disabled :)

Maybe there's some kind of codec incompatibility or some configuration problem with my device, who knows?

While Gizmo Project looks promising , it just doesn't seem very reliable yet. In the meantime I'll keep using Voice Stick for the free incoming # which seems to work pretty well and with Grand Central too.

VMASOFT said...

Marius, try to see if the problem is from or from GrandCentral. Maybe GrandCentral has issues forwarding calls to a GizmoProject SIP number! SIPPhone looks pretty stable in my tests.