Wednesday, February 21, 2007

FREE Microsoft Access Replacement

DBUtils is a freeware application designed both as a replacement of Microsoft Access (for very basic scenarios) and as a complementary tool for software developers and Microsoft Access DB designers.

  • View database properties

  • View tables, views and queries

  • View structure of tables

  • View, using a colored syntax editor, the SQL behind views and stored procedures

  • View the data from tables and view

  • View the source code of application associated with the database

  • Perform searches in database structures and source code files

  • View dependencies between objects: parents and child of tables, views, stored procedures

  • Easy to use - GUI is similar to Microsoft Access applications

Commented screenshots

After staring up the application you have to create a connection to your DB. For convenience this connection can be saved for a quick access at a later time:

An interesting feature for JET/Access software developers can be seen on the second tab. Besides the DB connection you can also specify a folder that contains the source code of a project that uses that particular database. If you specify this information, you’ll be able to perform complex searches through all your project files:

The most representative features of this application are two options from context menu: What use the object and Who use the object. Both are showing dependencies from 2 perspectives:

Viewing a query or stored procedure is also not a problem with this tool. In case of tables the date content is displayed:

If you specified a project folder at the first step, then you can quickly see, using the Files tab, what DB objects are used by each source code file in your project:

For complex searches one may invoke the Search tool (from main menu or from context menu). This tool is searching all table structures, stored procs, views and source code files for the particular piece of text that is specified:

Note: DBUtils is an original application available only through ITObserver (you’ll not find it anywhere else on the NET). At this moment, it is available FREE OF CHARGE to all ITObserver Email Subscribers. If you are already an email subscriber of ITObserver you may request the application by dropping a text or audio comment or by sending an email to vmasoft at yahoo dot com. If you are not yet a subscriber, you may subscribe now and then request the application.

Don’t forget: DBUtils is just one of the benefits of being an ITObserver subscriber. The most important thing is that you’ll get fresh tech news and articles delivered directly to your email box.

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