Thursday, October 12, 2006

LogMeIn and hamachi

LogMeIn and hamachi: two of my favorite remote access application just joined forces. Actually LogMeIn has acquired Hamachi creator, Applied Networking.

Long time before this acquisition I evaluated both applications in my search for a simple, low cost and yet effective remote access application. The decision was hard to take but in the end I decided to go with LogMeIn. Now I’m using it myself and most of my work colleagues as a way to access corporate computer while home or on the go.

Because is always good to keep an eye open I decided to revisit the hamachi site. I was very surprised to see the other product logo on hamachi site. I briefly read the acquisition note and I just start thinking again of how to use hamachi. This time I’ll not try to use it as an RDP replacement but rather like a complementary solution to LogMeIn. Together these products may offer a perfect setup for lots of scenarios such as:
  • Virtual Office
  • Collaboration
  • Work from Home

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