Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Best VoIP Printed Articles

If you are interested in VoIP and your have several IT magazine subscriptions (US and UK), then is time to dig those old magazines because these post lists the best VoIP articles published over the last 2 years. For convenience I added the Zinio direct links from where you can purchase that individual magazine issue.

PC Magazine - March 7, 2006
Ditch Your Phone Company

PC Magazine - November 8, 2005
VoIP gets down to small business

PC World - September 2005
Net Phones Grow up

PC Answers - March 2005
VoIP is really worth using now

Personal Computer World - July 2005
More choices for your voice

Personal Computer World - June 2006
Talk more, pay less

Computer Shopper - August 2005
The Broadband Bells

Web User - March 2, 2006
Slash your phone bill

PC Today - September 2005
Digital Dialing

PC Today - December 2005
VoIP On The Go. SoftPhones bring the power of VoIP to Mobile Users

PC Today - February 2006
IM Meets VoIP. Know your Communication Options

PC Today - July 2006
Skype in your pocket. VoIP for your Pocket PC

Computer Power User - August 2004
Broadband Phone Services. The Telephone Meets The Internet

Computer Power User - February 2006
VoIP Gear Is Finally Here. Eight Ways To Keep Talk Cheap

ce Lifestyles - April 2005
Talk is Cheap. VoIP: A New Era In Telephone Communication

Homeland Defense - January 2006
New IP Telephony. Solutions for the Government Enterprise

Circuit Cellar - Jully 2005
Connect with eZ80F91-Based VoIP
A Fresh Look at VoIP

Circuit Cellar - October 2005
Send and Receive VoIP

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