Friday, April 07, 2006

Throw away your cell and get a WiFi VoIP phone

If you live in San Francisco this may look like good news. After EarthLink and Google will complete their project to offer WiFi throughout the entire San Francisco city ( ) you’ll be able to cut the costs associated with mobile phones by switching completely to VoIP.

In the same way you are now carrying your mobile phone with you in a pocket you can put a nice VoIP handset. The cost advantages may be tremendous especially if you are doing a lot of international phone calls.

And the market of small VoIP hardware and software phones is on the rise. If you are carrying around all day long a PDA then you’ll carry also a phone. Both Skype and SIP based services run happily on any WiFi enabled PDA.

If you prefer a hardware phone you should take a look at latest models coming from Linksys and DLink.

For a more complete offer you can always take a look in your favorite VoIP supply online store.

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