Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Make FREE long-distance phone calls using any phone set

A new player in the VoIP arena offers (at least for the moment) the possibility to make free long-distance phone calls to US and other several countries. To give a try to this service simply go to and create a new account. Make sure you put a valid phone number in the registration form, or at least don’t forget what you typed there. After confirmation your account is ready to be used.

The email that will arrive shortly will contain brief instructions about how to make long-distance phone calls. There you’ll also find several local access numbers that you need to call from the phone you typed during the registration process.

The second nice feature offered by the service is the ability to use a SIP client to do the calls. All you have to do is to set up your preferred soft/hard phone (take a look here for a short review of two good and free SIP soft phones that you can use with this service) using this information:

User: [your phone number from the registration form]
Pass: [your password]

Although the website and received emails lack the professional aspect, the voice service seems to work. In the end it’s a good deal for a free service.


Anonymous said...

I used it but could not make any international calls as stated on their website.

Anonymous said...

Same here, also the call cuts off after 3-5 minutes calling anywhere within the US.