Friday, March 03, 2006

VMA IVVR (Interactive Voice and Video Response) for Skype

VMA-IVVR it’s an Interactive Voice and Video Response project that I start developing recently. VMA-IVVR is a server product targeting Skype and SIP networks. Basically a provider that implements VMA-IVVR will appear on Skype (or other SIP networks) like a regular contact that any user from inside the network will be able to call it for free. Instead of a person to answer the Skype call, VMA-IVVR will pick up automatically prompting the user with a video menu.

Target networks

- Skype
- SIP Networks

Who will benefit from VMA-IVVR?

Any company that wants to expand their legacy audio only IVR system with video content. Imagine giving a free call to Acme. Corporation using Skype and automatically be prompted by a video menu where in an high-quality video a person will welcome you and invite you to touch a key from 0 – to – 9 to choose one menu option. The person in the video may announce the options with voice and in the same time those options being displayed as an overlay image. By using the touchtone keys of Skype the consumer will be able to browse through all menus provided by Acme Corp. finding the information he needs.

Discount sellers. Sellers will greatly benefit from VMA-IVVR to increase sells and display their products on a new channel more interactive than TV and easier to use than Internet. Using videophone (Skype of SIP based) keys the consumer will browse the entire collection of products of a seller that will take advantage of VMA-IVVR technology.

Multimedia content distributors. Imagine seeing an advertisement on Internet saying something like that: “Call from your Skype application or 232-FREE-VIDEO from your Packet8 network to access thousands of free movies.”. Multimedia content distributors will benefit from the high quality multimedia channel provided by today Skype or SIP networks to offer audio and video content to consumers in an interactive way.

Application service providers. Imagine consulting your bank account in a video way from your Skype applications. You’ll be able to view balances, do transactions and more from your videophone keyboard.

With the expansion of Skype and SIP beyond PC borders the VMA-IVVR application will become more and more valuable. An entire category of people not familiar with computers or Internet will be able to access any VMA-IVVR powered system using an easy to use hardware videophone. Hardware videophones are available currently for SIP protocols and are expected to appear also for Skype network. VoIP networks have currently millions of users who will be able to call for free and VMA-IVVR based provider.

Important: VMA is open to accept any contribution or collaboration for VMA-IVVR system. If required an open-source project will be made available to encourage developers to participate in this product. Just leave a comment or write an email if you are interested in this project.

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savio85 said...

Hi. I'm form Colombia, and i'm working in a proyect to develop an IVVR to give some information about some places in Bogota(The capital of Colombia)as my final work to receive my bachelor degree.

I'm working with some hardware that is usually wonrking as an IVR, and support ASR and a lot of things, but it's not working with video, so, I want to find an alternetive way to develope and prove my IVVR, and i found this post, and i can't believe that you are doing an IVVR to work with skype,... if it is possible i want to know more information about it... and i and i would love to work with SKYPE....

Manuel Villate