Thursday, March 30, 2006

IP PBX systems from Linksys and DLink

Linksys and DLink are two well known names to those who setup until now a small network for home or office using routers or access points from one of these two companies. As VoIP is becoming stronger and stronger is no surprise that both DLink and Linksys offer a range of VoIP accessories for both home and small offices.

Linksys (

The Sipura acquisition accelerated Linksys presence of VoIP market. Now if you are going to company site you may find a quite appealing VoIP solution to any small company.

The Linksys Voice System 9000 composed of SPA9000 IP PBX, a nice range of IP Phones and SPA3000 ATA provides a nice solution to anyone who utilizes more than one Internet telephony service provider or needs the functionality of a full IP PBX (according to: )

DLink (

DLink has also a nice VoIP solution that according to PC Magazine (April 11, 2006) if you are running a small shop, you should put the PBX solution at the top of the shopping list.

Like Linksys, DLink offers also a low cost IP PBX system (DVX-1000) together with other accessories such as DHP-140 phones and DVG-3004S SIP Analog Trunk Gateway.

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